Luke Labern

Luke Labern

Writer, Philosopher & Poet

Hello. I’m Luke Labern.

I am a writer, philosopher and poet. I am committed to inspiring individuals with the desire to live a life without compromises and providing them with the inspiration and logic to allow them to change the world. I am an optimist in the face of nihilism.

This is my online home, where you can find my poetry, stories, novels, articles, tutorials, philosophical essays and other writings on topics as diverse as techniques for mastering habits, the use of reason, fitness, programming and various strategies for mastering the art of life. I will update this site for the rest of my life—this is, if nothing else, an interesting experiment into the extent to which a man can define himself and trace his growth over time.

The wide array of interests and commitments I have ensures that this site has enough content to suit many tastes. There are sections dedicated to writing, music, programming, my on-going projects and a personal blog. Whether you are interested in only one of these, or in the total package—I’m glad to have you.

The Portfolio

I have had various works published—including stories, poems and essays—but I am passionate about organising my work and ensuring that what I write is available for those who want or need to read it. All of my literary material is organised in my portfolio—undoubtedly the best place to visit if you want to know what this site is all about, or want to see what’s happened since your last visit. It is the beating heart of this site. After browsing my portfolio, you can find more details about my ongoing projects, view my latest posts, read my blog and contact me.

Subject Matter

I am primarily concerned with what I take to be the essential questions of existence: is there a meaning to life? If not, how should I exist? Why should I exist? What should I strive for? What is worth doing? Whether writing novels, poetry, essays or creating business, I am always guided by my philosophical nature. I take nothing for granted and question everything. I pursue truth even if that truth is uncomfortable. Authenticity is my morality.

I am particularly interested in philosophical depression: given that most people believe that there is no God and thus no guarantor of objective meaning or morality, how is one to live? As one tends towards nihilism one tends towards philosophical depression. It seems clear that the prevelance of mental illness and drug use in the 21st Century has much to do with the fact that most people believe that, in the grand scheme of things, their life is meaningless.

This theme can be found in many of my works. For an introduction to my thought—and one possible solution—see this essay: “Nihilism, Existentialism and Philosophical Depression.” My work has been described as “medicine” for those who feel that life is meaningless: to me, this is the ultimate compliment and one of the many reasons I write.


Please feel free to contact me to discuss any of the things and ideas you read on this site, or with any ideas you have for a piece you’d like me to write. I’m also open to any connections you have, whether as a sounding board, programmer, or co-founder. Don’t hesitate to pull the trigger and send me a message—you never know where it might lead. I respond to all messages, no matter their subject matter, and consider them private and confidential.

I take my responsibilities as a writer very seriously. If I inspire you or speak to you in a way no one else does, I consider it an obligation to discuss any questions you have for me. Some of the greatest moments of my life have come from my readers telling me how their work changed their life. I am always happy to discuss the themes and issues raised in my work.

Whether you want to discuss a phrase in a poem or you want someone to reach out if you’re feeling suicidal, you can always reach me via the contact page or via email: lukelabern[at]

Site layout

Given the wide array of interests I have, the site is extremely rich in content. A clear navigation is thus essential to allowing easy access to new content, which is added every week, without fail. Using the navigation at the top of each page, you will find the following sections: this about page, providing orientation; my latest posts, which lists the latest artistic works I write; my portfolio, which is the key to the site and is an organised list of all of my artistic work and writing; my blog, which provides updates on my life and this site; the projects page, which explains what projects I am working on and where you can find them, and finally a contact page you can use to contact me whether to discuss my work or to hire me.


I am a 25-year-old Englishman from Seaford in East Sussex. I attended the University of Sussex, studying Philosophy and English B.A. (Hons.). I graduated with 100% attendance and a First Class degree.2

You can find more detail about my life and upbringing thus far in the extended about section—coming soon.

  1. There are links to my various internet accounts on the footer of every page on this site.
  2. You can hire me as a proofreader or tutor here.